Bringing the “Bass” to Bikers!!

The Bass Masters were the guest hosts of Junction City United Methodist Church’s Motorcycle Sunday. Since it was a motorcycle event, it was only fitting that Marcus drove his Motorcycle while his cohost, Josh Jones, drove his famous 1977 Cougar. After the Sunday morning church service, Marcus and Josh set up their equipment and got the party started. As the church-members and bikers ate lunch and enjoyed each other’s company, the Bass Masters supplied them with a lot of “bumpin’ music”. Pastor, Dan Wells, said, “We loved having the Bass Masters here. They added a lot of fun to the luncheon and everyone enjoyed the music; some people were even dancing!”

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Best Radio Show Award 2013

The Bass Masters received their first award, “Best Radio Show on WACW,” at the WACW Award Night Banquet. The winner was determined by the votes of Asbury University students. DJ Marcus and Captain Jones were honored and excited to receive the award. The Bass Masters said, “We couldn’t have won without the support of our 1 million viewers,” as, on-air, they always joke about having 1 million people tune-in every week. The Bass Masters do have the largest fan following of all Asbury University clubs and Asbury-associated pages on Facebook and they claim, “We are excited about our growing fan-base!” You can check their Facebook page out here.

Bass Masters Won Best Radio Show Of The Year On - WACW

Bass Masters Won Best Radio Show Of The Year On – WACW

Bass Masters – Spring Semester Final Show

The Bass Masters had their final show of the Spring 2013 semester this past Thursday, April 25th. DJ Marcus said, “The show was a huge success and a great way to end the year!” Austin Howard, an Asbury University student, was the musical guest. He played the guitar and sang on-air, as well as talked and hung out with the Bass Masters. Barry Blair, former guitarist for Audio Adrenaline, also appeared on the show. He and the Bass Masters shared many stories and laughs together. Other guests included Zach Haske and Matt Winters. Rixon stated, “It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and recall the funniest moments from the show this semester. I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly. But have no fear, the Bass Masters will be back next semester!” While the Bass Masters won’t be on-air this summer, you can still stay up-to-date with DJ Marcus and Captain Jones at the Bass Masters Facebook page.

Bass Masters