Photo Credit - Chase Fullerton

Marcus Rixon is a Graduate of Asbury University, with a degree in Media Communications, emphasis in Audio Production.

Marcus’ experiences include working with the Olympic Broadcasting Services, where he travelled to Sochi, Russia to work as an assistant audio engineer in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Marcus had the privilege of working alongside world-renowned audio engineer, Howard Baggley, at the figure skating and short track speed skating arenas. His experience expands further than the Olympics though, as he has worked in world-renown recording studio, Blackbird Studios, under John & Martina McBride.

He has worked on various short films and TV productions including Asbury University’s departmental film, “Boy Wonder” and the Emmy award-winning sitcom, “Friends Like You” in both on-set audio and post-production audio. Also during his time at Asbury, he has worked as the Promotions Director and Remotes Director for WACW Radio and has been a Kennedy Center National Sound Design Award nominee for his work in theater production. While each of these jobs have presented unique challenges and opportunities, they have all contributed to his growth in leadership, collaboration, communication and technical skills. Above all else, each has affirmed Marcus of his calling to the audio industry.

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